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Updated: Dec 3, 2021



Critical Edges Seminars

The student magazine Critical Edges has started their first global online student-organized seminar series. The seminars will take place from March to June, every other Tuesday, with the title Welcome to the Neoliberal University. The seminars will cover a wide range of subjects, starting from “What is neoliberalism?”, to its various effects on higher education and on student, to exploring what the critical university should be like. Everyone is invited to register and join the seminars.

Call For Submission

Critical Edges is calling for the submissions for a new thematic focus: The Neoliberal University and its Students. The magazine invites students from all the Critical Edge Alliance universities to participate and submit their works. How do you experience neoliberalism in your educational context? How can we make sense of neoliberalism? How can we critically understand the historical, economic, cultural, and political, technological, and environmental contexts for higher education today? What are the relationships between education, social and global inequality, (neo-)colonialism and capitalist production? Can the role of students be reduced to being “future employees” and “taxpayers”, or doesn’t it go far beyond that? What socio-political responsibilities do we bear as students? The past and the present showed the importance of students and student movements for central social developments: What experiences can we draw from student-led social and political changes?


The Global Voices Podcast is launching its third season next week. This season is dedicated to “Student’s Wellbeing During the Lockdown”. All students who want to share their stories are invited to participate. Submit a short application on what do you want to talk about and why, and send it to our email

First Episode of The Third Season

In the first episode we spoke to student from University of the Andes Colombia, Andrea Pineda. She studies Political Science, and she wanted to share her experiences about the student life and student wellbeing during the lockdown. To get insight into her story, listen to the episode.

New Members

The Global Voices Podcast is also searching for new members. If you want to be a part of the podcast, you can also send an email to It is not necessary that you have previous experience with creating a podcast, however it is very welcomed.

Global Discussions

On 26th of February we had our first Global Discussion session with Spurthi Kolipaka and students from Roskilde University, Al Akhawayn University and Paris 8. Spurthi Kolipaka is a young changemaker from India and Tata Institute of Social Sciences alumna. In the Zoom session we discussed about her journey from engineering to activism. We covered aspects of how to deal with social injustices where the legal framework and practice are missing. We also talked about the challenges, the risks, threats and intimidation that may come your way when pursuing social change. And where to find solidarity and motivation to continue social work and generate a movement in the local communities.

If you want to join us for the next sessions or you have suggestions / recommendations feel free to get in touch! No preparation required to attend, just good spirits and an interest in social change.

For more info write to Roskilde University Student Representative Carmen Irina- Bulac

CEA Language Cafes

Language Matchmaker is a new project that is just starting off. We want to take advantage of all the languages that students from CEA universities speak and learn and practice them together. This project is student-driven and we are searching for students who are not afraid to take initiative. We share all our information in our facebook group, and we have weekly meetings. So far we created 3 online cafes, for the following languages Arabic, Spanish, Danish. If you are willing to help others practice your native language, and if you want to meet your fellow students and possibly learn also something new, be free to join us.

Book Club

The Book Club is also a new project that is starting off. This project is also student-driven, and invites students from CEA universities to meet each other and share their interest in literature. The Book Club has its first meeting on Saturday 13th of March, and you are very welcome to join. For more information about the club and the meeting, please write to Al Akhawayn Student representative Racha Bai-iche, at .

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