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Al Akhawayn University in Ilfrane,

Al Akhawayn University in Ilfrane is a liberal arts university founded on the principles of diversity, tolerance, human solidarity and international outlook. The university offers a common-core curriculum for both undergraduate and graduate students. 

Al Akhawayn enforces the historic Moroccan vocation of being a land of cultural encounters and exchange. Situated in the Middle Atlas mountains, the university is placed at the crossroads of Africa, the Arab world and Europe. With the committed goal of educating world-focused leaders, the university boasts faculty from 15 different countries and students from 22. 

The university was declared to be a framework to understand and work together with all peoples and civilizations in the founding document. Al Akhawayn has facilitated more than 65.000 hours of student field work through the Community Involvement Program, meant to spark first-hand encounters, understanding and inspiration. The program grew from 30 partnerships in Morocco to more than 330 partnerships across Africa, Europe, China and North America. 

With a distinct focus on the importance of a liberal education, the university rejects the idea of a purely career-oriented education. Instead, the independent thinking of students spearheads the drive for a better society, through the acquisition of skills in multidisciplinary methodological approaches and community-skills, involvement, and responsibility.

Al Akhawayn University offers undergraduate, graduate, and honors programmes at its Schools of Business Administration, Humanity and Social Sciences, and Science and Engineering

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