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Universidad de los Andes,

Universidad de los Andes is one of the premier universities in the Americas, committed to Colombia's social and scientific progress. When it was founded, it was the first politically independent and non-denominational university in Colombia.


The university, to a large degree, allows students to piece together their own educational profile. This is enriched by a strong international profile and a large tradition for student exchange. 

"Universidad de los Andes’ birth did not just spring from the desire to found another university, or from a purely educational interest, but from the intention of building a new country with the purpose of shaping and educating the new generations for a new nation" said one of the founders of the university, Francisco Pizano de Brigard. 

University of the Andes is guided by principles of excellence, inclusion, diversity, solidarity, innovation, internationalization and liaison with regions. It contributes to society with the quality and relevance of its teaching and research, and its professional quality, leadership capacity and ethics of its graduates.

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