Innovative and Critical Approaches 

to Higher Education in the 21st Century


22-24 June 2016. Roskilde University, Denmark


In June 2016 Roskilde University hosted the Critical Edge Alliance Conference. People from all of the continents (except Antarctica) got together for three full days to learn, contribute and network with other staff and students from around the globe.



Conference at Roskilde University, Denmark

This years conference took place at Roskilde University in Denmark from June 22nd-24th. 

You can check out the program from this years conference by following the link

During the conference students from Colombia, China, India, USA and Denmark coorporated on preparing the final keynote of the conference.

Read more about the program

In the Critical Edge Alliance Conference program , you can discover all important keynotes and inspiring abstracts from the panels in 2016! 

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