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Critical Edges, CEA's international student magazine

Critical Edges is a collaborative magazine edited and published by critical students from all over the world, offering diverse perspectives, stories, analysis, and artistic expressions on global topics and issues that affect all of us. Questions around education and science are of our central concerns.


The students working in the magazine are united in the fight against existing injustice and oppression in society and nature, through co-creating knowledge and distributing relevant, critical, and popular content for students located in different campuses all around the world.


The magazine strives for independence from external control and for ideological plurality. We are working towards democratic participation and representation from students of diverse backgrounds. Moreover, we aim to become a leading global voice for critical students by collaborating with diverse editors, writers, scholars, artists, and activists to build a critical magazine.

The magazine is economically supported by the Critical Edge Alliance, covering the website hosting and the printing fees, and occasionally working together on different projects.


Critical Edges created a focus on COVID-19 during the global state of lockdown, bringing together different critical student perspectives on local and global events. Check it out here.

Read their booklet on Climate Change with articles and contributions from students from the CEA universities here.

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