Roskilde University,


Roskilde University is known for its strong emphasis on group work, interdisciplinary teaching and its turbulent emergence into the university landscape. Today it offers bachelor, Master's and Ph.D. degrees in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Technologies, and Natural Science. 

Founded as a way to take off pressure from the traditional universities during the student uprisings of the 1960's, RUC turned into the epitomy of a reform university when it opened in 1972. Wanting a different approach to education and science, RUC implemented radical new ideas in teaching and research. Most of these ideas remain central to the way that RUC functions today. 

Thus group work is paramount at RUC, amounting to half of all students' study time. The group work is done each semester under supervision of one faculty member and both subject and methodology are chosen by the students. Loaning from an Anglo-Saxon tradition, RUC was and is critical of subject boundaries. Therefore students are encouraged to work in an interdisciplinary way in their project work, and engage in common core programs that cross subject boundaries for the first year of their studies. 

These ideas, both unorthodox and controversial, have now in large been adopted by the traditional universities in Denmark. All in all, RUC continues to be the alternative university choice for students who want to have a greater say in how their time at the university is spent. 

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