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Conference 2018

Strategies for innovative learning

The fourth Critical Edge Alliance Conference was held at Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia June 25-28th, 2018. Gathering around 60 participants from seven countries and ten universities, the conference explored the theme of "Innovations in higher learning and strategies for innovative learning" both in terms of micro- and macro policy innovations and curriculum, and student particiption and research experience. 

Proposals spanned across many disciplines and subjects, ranging from Emotional impact on learning experience after the death of a patient in a simulation scenario at Universidad de los Andes to The RUC cleaners project: an innovative approach to student-led research projects. Students and faculty worked together both on several of the proposals as well as in the following plenary discussions. 

Watch a short recap of the conference

Universidad de Los Andes Media

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Preceding the conference was a CEA collaboration workshop, in which partners and participants worked together on fine-tuning the tentative Critical Edge Alliance short-term programs. 

The conference also resulted in a number of cross-border collaborations, including a global working group on digital learning experiences as well as the second printed edition of the global student magazine Critical Edges

In addition to this, the conference saw the addition of the university Paris 8 to the Critical Edge Alliance. 

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