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Holiday Greetings Conference Postponed New Website Student Activities

Holiday Greetings

Not much has changed since our holiday greetings last year. We are still in the pandemic and again it has been a year full of challenges for the international collaboration. However, we have managed to remain together and even to start some new initiatives, especially regarding student collaboration. We thank all of you for staying with us and are looking forward to continuing our work with you in the upcoming year. We wish you all Happy Holidays and a Joyful New Year. Your CEA team

Annual Conference Postponed

The annual conference unfortunately has been postponed again. Covid is again surging across Europe and many European countries, including France, are reintroducing lock down. We now plan to have the conference in Paris in June 2022 instead. We will return with more information about the conference as soon as possible.

New Website

CEA has published a new website. The new website should be more user friendly and easier to overview. Also, we would like you to get involved, so we created a few new features. One of them is Forum. Here you can raise your questions, discussions, and write one another. You can immediately reach out to the CEA community yourself. Another new feature is a section for students, where you can see all the student activities and student representatives. We also added a page for our student podcast “Global Voices”, where you can listen to all the episodes from our website. Additionally, there is a “Get in Touch” button, and we have a newsletter page, where you can see our old newsletters, and subscribe to new ones. We hope to see you there.

Student activities

Despite the pandemic, the CEA student community remains active. If you wish to join us, you can write to the CEA student assistant Adrijana, at You can join one of existing activities, such as the podcast or the student magazine, or you can propose new initiatives, which we can realize together. We are waiting for you. Let’s make a change together.

Read more about CEA student community here

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