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Pedagogical  Innovations in CEA

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, many alternative institutions of higher education have emerged around the world. They have been vehicles for democracy and social justice, venues for addressing the problems of society, and places for educating active citizens. They have developed pedagogies that aim to create a better world.


Today, governments and mainstream universities have adopted much of the vocabulary of these alternative institutions. Concepts such as student-centered learning, interdisciplinarity, problem-based learning, critical thinking, creativity, and social engagement are used everywhere. However, the popularity of these concept has also obscured their meaning and significance. The purpose of this innovation catalogue is to present cases of educational practices that realize these concepts.


We do not aim to provide one-size-fits-all pedagogical templates. Critical or innovative pedagogies are context sensitive: how theories and values get put into practice changes when facing different societies, learning goals, subject areas, and student groups. The cases that we present are intended as inspirations or departure points for educators, researchers, and students to use in their own context and for their purposes.


We also welcome submissions of cases that you think can exemplify alternative higher education today and that we should include in the catalogue.

Development of the Catalogue

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Art, Media, Social Design


Collective Social Design Workshops


Critical Media Pedagogies through Web Archives


Researcher’s Collective: Collectif-en-devenir

Educational Programmes


Action Learning in Planning Education


Competence-based Economics Curriculum Reform

Transnational Teaching


Learning on Silk Roads

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