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CEA Student Comunity

Are you a student at a CEA university?

You can get involved with Critical Edge Alliance in several ways.

Contact our student assistant Adrijana. She is happy to help you connect with the international network, each campus's student representative, and the local CEA working groups.  They are responsible for the implementation of local and international CEA student events.

We can also help you realize new ideas for future collaborations that you might have. Or you can see our proposals for collaboration here

Find Adrijana's contact information here

Student Representatives

The majority of CEA universities have a student representative or two. Student representatives are there to present CEA among fellow students at their universities, but also to be a part of the international community.

Why become a member of CEA Student Club?

A student club that encourages personal development through critical thinking and social activities.

A club that brings together like-minded students from different parts of the world.

  • Take control of your own personal development: Do you have a particular interest, a topic, a set of skills or competences that you want to improve but your academic education is not enough? CEA Student Club is here to help you

  • Meet and bond with other students  outside the formal setting

  • Join an international network of students

  • Get access to a platform of opportunities and support for your individual and collective endeavors / experiments

  • Help organise, host and/or participate in semi-academic discussions and events about social change, every day issues or global topics

  • Attend talks and lectures on specific topics from professors at different universities

  • Contribute to the sense of belonging and campus community

  • You’ll learn more about yourself and the world you live in

  • You’ll learn to work in a team with set goals without deadlines and assignments

  • You’ll get a break from your studies but stay engaged in aspects of social change and innovation

  • You’ll learn to engage with diverse groups of people from around the world

  • You’ll get to voice your thoughts and concerns without being evaluated, graded or judged

  • You’ll have the opportunity to do whatever you want to do and get recognition and appreciation for it

  • You’ll expand your CV

  • You can publish articles and essays, host debates, do podcasts, meet and discuss with other students about whatever keeps you preoccupied, create socially engaged content for social media and pretty much any wild idea you may have towards social change and innovation, no matter how big or small it is.

Critical Edges

You can get involved in the online student-driven magazine by contacting the editorial board from their webpage: 
Critical Edges

Global Voices

In the spring of 2019 student from CEA universities started a podcast called "Global Voices". The podcast has been proved to be a success and its running its third season at the moment.

International Student Collaboration

Here you can find out more about current and previous student international events and collaborations.

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