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Conference 2024

The 2024 Critical Edge Alliance conference is set for June 19-21, and is hosted by the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-RIO). The call for papers can be found below:

Amazonizar: Human Impact on Ecosystems
How universities are responding to local and
global challenges.

The annual CEA conference in 2024 will be hosted by PUC-Rio in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

We invite CEA faculty members and students to present proposals for presentations on the
topics below. Proposals can be for a workshop or a panel. Registration of proposals in the
conference site will be available soon.


Panels and workshops will be organized according to the proposals that are received, and will
be held on Thursday June 20 and Friday June 21.

We are welcoming both in-person, and online proposals for papers to be presented in thematic


Suggested deadlines

All proposals: May 17, 2024

Submissions and inquiries

Proposal Submission Form

Inquiries by e-mail:

Suggested Conference Topics

  1. Local and Global ecosystems: the Amazon and beyond

    • The Amazon as an example of a local ecosystem with global impact

    • Regional and local ecosystems, climate change and social challenges

    • Sustainable development goals: clean energy, good health and well-being

    • Sustainable development and human rights

  2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and sustainability

    • Technology, innovation and ecosystems

    • AI and sustainable development.

    • AI as a tool to measure deforestation, climate change, social and environmental impacts of economic development.

  3. Indigenous populations: cultural heritage and traditions

    • Cultural heritages and Higher Education

    • Traditional cultures, art and literature

    • Technology and innovation: learning from traditional cultures

    • Indigenous populations and human rights

  4. Universities and Community engagement

    • ​Field work as part of the curriculum: regulatory issues and best practices

    • Successful projects with social impact: examples from CEA Universities

  5. ​Collaboration workshops on Higher Education

    • Critical pedagogies​

    • Curriculum innovation

    • Diversity and inclusion

    • Academic freedom

    • Academic integrity

  6. Art and poetry: exhibitions

    • Art and sustainability​

    • Art, cultural heritage and traditions

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