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CEA Newsletter May 2020

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

CEA Internship Programme

CEA Annual Conference

CEA Global Voices Podcast: New Episode Released

CEA Internship Programme

CEA has established cooperation on an internship programme with the international NGO, Museum for the United Nations (UN Live), headquartered in Copenhagen. UN Live’s mission is to connect people “everywhere to the work and values of the United Nations, and to dramatically increase the number of people who help achieve its goals”. UN Live aims to connect partners with a powerful and impactful global community for change focusing on global challenges such as climate, biodiversity and migration using art and community initiatives as the main entry points. The organisation hosts a free digital platform, an empowered network of institutions, partners and individuals, and works with new and radical public spaces on the ground. Further information is available here. The Critical Edge Alliance Internship Programme at UN Live has been set up with a view to enhancing students’ practical knowledge in the areas of public social engagement, cultural programming and global cooperation towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. UN Live may offer internships for up to three CEA students per semester with a duration of 3,5 to 5 months. In 2020 and 2021, there is a focus on students from India, Columbia, Denmark and France. In addition to the benefits for students involved and UN Live, there is an advantage of having several CEA students together at UN Live. It will strengthen interaction between CEA students cross-continents, and build a common pool of understanding and experiences on global challenges linked to local action. Furthermore, there may be opportunities for students for a continued relationship with UN Live after the internship either in the country of origin or at the Copenhagen office. The parties envisage that cooperation in the long term may include other activities, e.g. contribution to events, internship networks at CEA universities, and if interest develops cooperation on data collation.

CEA Annual Conference The COVID-19 pandemic has far-reaching implications for all CEA universities, and for the CEA Annual Conference. With the current prospective University Paris 8 as the host of the conference has indicated that the conference may be postponed till 2021.

CEA Global Voices Podcast: New Episode About the Socioeconomic Implications of the Lockdown Released

The third episode of CEA Global Voices is available on Spotify, Hubhopper, and Anchor. Joined by two experts on economics, R. Ramakumar, Professor at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, and J. Mohan Rao, Professor Emeritus at University of Massachusetts, we discussed the socioeconomic implications of the lockdown on the regional and global level. COVID-19 is causing severe economic problems around the world. Global food supply chains are affected by lockdown measures and other problems caused by the outbreak. Departing from the issue of food security, and the inequalities that migrant workers in countries like India and the US face, we talked about the economic-epidemiological dilemmas for policymakers, and their disproportionate global impacts. Global Voices, the Critical Knowledge Podcast, is an ongoing and open CEA project to which students, academics, and activists can contribute together. Global Voices combines expertise and experience from different backgrounds to foster forward-thinking, cross-boundary and interdisciplinary conversations. The first season sheds light on important aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic as a historical, political, psychological, and scientific event. It aims to enable discussions that can help us free ourselves from the atomized realm of our rooms and consider the implications of the historical moment we are living. Read more here.

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