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Updated: Dec 3, 2021

International CEA Student Events

Movie Debates in February 2019 The Critical Edge Alliance is hosting the first international student events! Students from two CEA universities will have the chance to watch fragments of movies at their campus' simultaneously and discuss the related subjects in an international discussion. ARMED CONFLICT IN COLOMBIA On the peace building process in Colombia Universidad de Los Andes & Roskilde University February, 12th

THE WAIT On dynamics of migration and Danish migration policy Tata Institute of Social Sciences & Roskilde University February, 26th

CEA's student-driven magazine FOCUS ON CLIMATE CHANGE In this Focus, Critical Edges wants to present well-grounded analysis of the complex causes, symptoms, and effects of the phenomena of climate change and of the future facing us; we hope that students everywhere can engage in meaningful and multi-perspective discussions, as well as gain deeper understanding of the relationship between climate change and the societies which creates it; and we hope that we can share knowledge to inspire and encourage more people to find ways to stop climate change and work towards more sustainable societal structures. Want to write an article?

EDITORIAL ARTICLE International discourses and actions reacting upon climate change are complex and controverisal, but we as students have a clear message. "The change that is going to come, will only happen through our participation, and unless each of us confront the climate injustice and irrationality wherever we find it, we cannot wholeheartedly consider ourselves as the true part of the solution, but perhaps instead the problem." Link to editorial article

Critical Edge Alliance Student Representatives At the CEA conference 2018 at Universidad de Los Andes, Bogotá, it has been decided that students should have the right to assign a representative for CEA matters. Together we have since worked on strategies and events to connect students from the CEA universities, even further improve our mutual understanding and guide the CEA's future with a strong student emphasis.

Who we are

Shreya Urvashi, Tata Institute of Social Sciences

The alliance has opened Shreya a whole new world of learning, engaging and understanding by helping to build relationships with like minded students from all over the world. Shreya was more than thrilled, yet humbled to be given the opportunity and responsibility to represent her university and country. Her association with the alliance started as being part of the magazine 2017 onwards. 2 conferences and many virtual discussions later, she looks forward to being with the alliance and giving her best to engage in it. Contact:

Sergio Velasquez, Universidad de Los Andes

Sergio is a Systems Engineer from Universidad de Los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia. Right now, he studys a master’s in software engineering there and is engaged with his startup of software development called Polyglot, in which we create web pages, mobile apps and desktop apps. Sergio became aware of the alliance in 2017, when applying for the CEA conference in Mumbai, India and joining the event. He realized the power of the alliance because of its diversity of institutions and people and the possibility to share experiences in a multicultural setting. Last year, he was in charge of the logistics of the conference at Universidad de los Andes. Contact: Katie Nixdorf, The New School

Katie studies the International Field Program, International Relations and Affairs at the New School and is a research assistant for the institute. She got involved with the Critical Edge Alliance through her proposal at the CEA conference 2018 in Bogotá related to the (re)conceptualization of borders at the New School. Since that, she has been the New School CEA student representative. Contact:

Melinda Bratsch-Horsager, Evergreen State College

Melinda is a pre-med student who is interested in neurodiversity. When she thinks of what people can do when neurodiversity is utilized and promoted in our global society, it makes her hopeful for the future. Her participation in the Critical Edge Alliance facilitates thisntinuing belief that addressing neuro diversity in education promotes the well-being and successes of all people. Contact: Julia Freya Madsen, Roskilde University

Julia Freya is doing her Master in Strategic Organization Communication at Roskilde University. She has been involved with CEA for 4 years (written two projects on the subject, student volunteer at the conference in 2016 and participant at the one in 2017). Aside from that, she is an editor for the student magazine, Critical Edges. The cultural exchange among critical students from all over the world as well as contributing to the constant growth of the alliance is what keeps her engaged and motivated. Contact: Taysir Mathlouthi, Paris 8

Taysir is a student in a double-master's degree in cinema and political science at Paris 8 University. Fascinated by cinema since she was young, Taysir studies political and social issues with cinematographic tools. She joined the Critical Edge Alliance in January 2019 with the aim of amplifying the transnational relations between the different universities and to set up cooperations that will fight the commercialization of universities and ultra-liberalism through the use of several disciplines such as cinema and social sciences in particular. Contact: Gaëtan Chevrea, Paris 8 Student Representative for PhD students

Gaëtan studied German and Psychology, and joined the University of Paris 8 in September 2018 to start his PhD work. His research is about the cognitive disorders met by homeless people. Aside of his studies, Gaëtan is interested in art exhibitions and visiting museums. He joined the CEA in January, because he believes that mutual learning in the university sphere is important as the university has the role to create the society of tomorrow. He emphasizes the respectful environment in the CEA. Contact:

Lisa Trebs, CEA student assistant

Lisa Trebs is an undergraduate student in Cultural Encounters and International Studies at Roskilde University. She has been engaged in the CEA since the beginning of 2016 with the creation of the student magazine "Critical Edges" working cross-culturally with CEA students. Since then she participated at the annual conferences in Mumbai, India and Bogotá, Colombia. As student assistant, she is responsible for initiating global exchanges and events to increase the international connectiones, in particular, between the CEA students. Lisa really enjoys the international environment and inspiring intercultural atmosphere of the alliance. Contact: lt

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