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Submission guidelines

Thank you for being interested in submitting your course to us! When you submit, we kindly remind you to cover the follow areas in your course presentation:

  1. Title of your course

  2. University and country

  3. Educational level and field of studies

  4. Faculty full name(s)

  5. Duration [when was the course/program offered?]

  6. Key words

  7. Category [please mention which existing category do you think your course can fit into, or what new categories do you suggest to add?]

  8. Concrete and specific descriptions of your course and the pedagogical practices

  9. Additional information, including syllabus, model description, PowerPoint, or planning documents (if possible)

  10. Media, including related websites, videos, or photos of course activities

Download the course template for submission


Or view a course case in the catalogue


Send your submission to We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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