Conference on

'Higher Education for the 21st Century: Innovations in University-Society Partnerships'


At Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Mumbai, India

Workshop & Conference: September 19-20 & 21-23 2017


We Want Students to Help Us Rethink Higher Education!

The Critical Edge Alliance invites students to join us in Mumbai at our global conference in ‘Higher Education for the 21st Century: Innovations in University-Society Partnerships’. Students, faculty, and administrators from all over the world will come together to rethink progressive education. From September 19-20 a student-driven workshop will be exploring the future of critical and alternative higher education, prior to the conference.


The Critical Edge Alliance (CEA) is a global network of alternative and critical universities. From September 21-23 we will host the third annual conference and student workshop in Mumbai, India.



A student workshop taking place in the days before this year’s Critical Edge Alliance conference on ‘Innovations in University-Society Partnerships’. We want students to meet with fellow students from across the world to inspire, get inspired, debate, discuss, and prepare for a panel session to be held at the conference.



If you wish to participate in this workshop, please submit a proposal for an introductory course at the entry undergraduate level, connected with the conference theme: University-Society Partnerships. The proposal can cover anything from ideas on how to construct such a course, what literature to read, exam forms, grading criteria, and so on. You are welcome to draw upon educational experiences that exemplify the unique nature of your home institution, but may also propose entirely new ideas. We do not wish to constrain the students in any way. We will accept abstracts, sound files, videos, and other formats that we have not yet imagined. The idea is the most important part, not the media.

At a minimum, we expect to receive: 1. An idea/concept note 2. A short description of yourself as a student 3. Personal data: full name, educational background, and contact information.


DEADLINE for submission is on July 31 2017, and can be submitted to

The full Call for Proposals can be downloaded through the button below.

Important Guidelines for Students

1. Students who are interested have to first submit an abstract (which should not exceed 800 words). The abstract could be interpreted as a paper, video, poster, etc. related to one of the following themes:

  • An experiment of University- Society partnerships undertaken by you or your institution.

  • An experience of such partnership highlighting the value of learning and practice.

  • A sample curriculum/ module (including innovative ideas) for higher education keeping in context the theme of University- Society partnerships.

  • A students' conceptualisation or perspective on University- Society partnerships and the value of the same in higher education


2. Student panels would be formed based on the themes (probably 3 to 4) emerging from the shortlisted abstracts and students coming under the same theme would work together during the workshop at TISS to develop a common presentation. These student panels would then present their outcome of the two- day workshop at the conference.


3. The abstracts need to be send to in the prescribed format.


4. The last day for the submission of the abstract is July 31 2017. From July 14th, the abstracts will be reviewed. Within a week of submitting your abstract, you will be informed of your selection. 

Please feel free to contact us in case of any queries by mailing with the subject,

‘CEA: Query’ on either of the following E-mail IDs:

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