CEA Student and faculty-exchanges 

Developing student-exchanges and faculty exchanges is one of the more long-term goals of the Critical Edge Alliance.

In order to create a more global community of learning, the Critical Edge Alliance seeks to develop, deepen and expand on exchanges within the CEA community. Currently, members of the CEA meet mainly in the yearly conferences rotating between the member universities. These conferences have had towards 100 participants each year.

As an organization with limited funds, the CEA cannot currently fund exchanges itself. Therefore the exchange programs have run mainly between the International Offices of the members universities and through extensions of already-existing exchange programs such as Erasmus+. The collaboration workshop at the 2018 Conference at Universidad de los Andes will also seek to develop the current and future exchanges. 


A long-term goal of exchanges within the CEA is to combat the global North-South divide in academics, as currently most exchanges happen from Roskilde University to the rest of the CEA-partners. Working towards this goal, exchange agreements with Al-Akhawayn and Universidad de los Andes already have sent exchange students and faculty to RUC in 2017/2018. There are also bilateral exchanges with the Tata Institute of Social Sciences and RUC.


Non-institutional exchanges

Student exchanges also happen in other ways. The international Student Magazine Critical Edges hosts online board meetings and seeks to tie together the international student communities within the CEA. Also, student project groups from RUC are going to both Tata Institute of Social Sciences and Al-Akhawayn University to conduct interviews and field-work in the spring of 2018.