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Updated: Dec 3, 2021

#1: New CEA Podcast Series on COVID-19 Inspired by the need for reliable information, cross-cultural collaboration and communication in the context of COVID-19, three CEA students - Shreya Urvashi from TISS, Juan Camilo Reyes from Uniandes, and Alexander Husenbeth from RUC - have created Global Voices, the Critical Knowledge Podcast. Global Voices is an ongoing and open CEA project to which students, academics, and activists can contribute. Season 1 sheds light on important aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic as a historical, political, psychological, and scientific event. It aims to enable discussions that can help us free ourselves from the atomized realm of our rooms and consider the implications of the historical moment we are living. The first episode is available on Spotify, Soundcloud and Hubhopper and contextualizes COVID-19 historically. We were joined by two experts on epidemiology: Catalina Gonzalez Uribe, Master in Anthropology, MSc in Social Epidemiology, as well as Doctorate in Epidemiology and Public Health from University of Los Andes, Colombia; and Maarten van Wijhe from Roskilde University, Denmark, postdoctoral researcher on epidemiology, who works with the historical and statistical aspects of infectious diseases. Upcoming episodes will explore the following themes: #2 The Future of Democracy and Civil Society Engagement in Light of COVID-19 #3 The Socioeconomic Implications of the Lockdown, with a special focus on India #4 Education and Mental Health in Isolation: New Challenges for Motivation and Innovation #5 Environmental Impact of COVID-19: Crisis and Opportunity in the Anthropocene Juan Camilo is from Colombia and studies Geoscience at University of Los Andes. Alexander studies Social Psychology and International Studies at Roskilde University, and Shreya is a PhD student at Tata Institute of Social Sciences researching Higher Education and student culture. We have just recently added Adrijana Turajlic, Global Humanities student at Roskilde University, and K. SriSivaram, who studies Social Sciece at TISS, to the Global Voices team, and have received support from Critical Edges, CEAs international student magazine, drawing on their experience and network for starting this podcast up. Stay tuned for more episodes in the following weeks. To students, activists, and academics interested in collaborating and contributing to the podcast, please do not hesitate to contact Shreya, Juan, Sascha, or CEA directly.

#2 Critical Edges on COVID-19 CEA student magazine, Critical Edges, invites submissions from CEA students on a number of COVID-19 related themes. Submissions can be made in the form of e.g. essays, policy analyses, opinion pieces and research stories. Read more about the themes here. #3 Activities Pending COVID-19 Developments Due to COVID-19 and as announced earlier, the CEA Annual Conference 2020 about Climate Change has been postponed. The CEA summer school on the UN SDGs will be postponed or cancelled, pending developments. # 4 CEA Cooperation Visit On 24-26 February 2020 ten academics from Université Paris 8 visited Roskilde University to look at RUC’s pedagogic model – Problem-oriented Project Learning (PPL). The group meet with academic staff and students involved in education programmes that involve both PPL and action-oriented engagement with civil society. The visit included meetings with colleagues of Urban Planning Studies, Health Promotion and Health Strategies, the Social Entrepreneurship and Management Masters, and the Humanities Bachelor Programme. The group also had discussions with the Centre for Research into Problem-oriented Project Learning and the French Pragmatic Sociology Network. A visit to University Paris 8 with a focus on action research is planned for the future for RUC academics.

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