Thirdroom is a collaborative online platform.

It can be used in a variety of CEA organization and collaboration to facilitate the work between different actors.

Thirdroom has been and will be used for different purposes, including:

                    - the implementation of projects, e.g. joint courses                             and co-teaching

                    - the facilitation and collaboration in working groups

                    - the organization of CEA events,

                       e.g. international student events

                    - research collaboration

                    - knowledge communication and

                      display of research

Thirdroom is a new space to shape tools and technologies to connect, learn and collaborate.

Thirdroom can be used most efficiently with an already existing collaboration idea and partner.

With a valid university e-mail address from a CEA university, you are able to sign up.

You can find calls for collaboration from different CEA members here:

CEA: Labor and worklife analytics

- Accessibility as goal for the next CEA conference