Innovative and Critical Approaches

to Higher Education in the 21st Century


22-24 June 2016

Roskilde University, Denmark


We are very proud to welcome students to help us rethink progressive education at the Critical Edge Alliance Conference 2016. We hope to see you at Roskilde University to learn, contribute and network with other professionals and students from around the globe.














Call for student proposals


Join us in Denmark for a global conference on ’Innovative and Critical Approaches to Higher Education in the 21st Century’. Students, faculty, and administrators from all over the world will come together to rethink progressive education. A central part of the conference will be a student-driven workshop exploring the future of critical and alternative higher education.


The Critical Edge Alliance (CEA) is a global network of alternative and critical universities. From 22-24 June 2016, the CEA will host its first expanded conference in Roskilde, Denmark.



We want students to have a chance to meet and discuss the future of progressive education. At our workshop, students will create an introductory course on how to study critically and alternatively at the university level. Students will present their agenda for this course as the last keynote of the conference.



If you wish to participate in this workshop, please submit a proposal for an introductory course at the entry undergraduate level. The proposal can cover anything from ideas on how to construct such a course to what literature to read to exam forms to grading criteria, and so on. You are welcome to draw upon educational experiences that exemplify the unique nature of your home institution, but may also propose entirely new ideas. We do not wish to constrain the students in any way. We will accept abstracts, sound files, videos, and anything else that we have not yet imagined.  The idea is the most important part, not the media. At a minimum we expect to receive: 1. An idea/concept note 2. A short description of yourself as a student 3. Personal data: full name, educational background, and contact information.


We have limited funds available for those who need accommodation and travel to Denmark. The organizing committee, in collaboration with the Student Council of Roskilde University, will look for the most interesting, innovative and inspiring ideas and invite the authors to participate. All proposals must be in English. Please submit to:


Deadline: 1 April 2016.