The Alliance will consist of institutions of higher learning with structures that encourage interdisciplinary student-centered learning, critical thinking, social engagement, and innovative pedagogical practices. The Membership should be broadly representative of different international regions and cultures. New members may join the alliance following nomination by an Alliance member. The procedure for accepting new members is as follows:

1. The applicant submits an application, which expands on (i) structures that encourage interdisciplinary learning, (ii) student-centered and critical approaches, (iii) demonstrated cases of social engagements (university - community engagement) (iv) best practices of innovative pedagogies.


2. The applicant participates at the annual meeting and gives two presentations, one about the university in general and another on pedagogical practices.

3. A committee, with one representative from each member institution scrutinizes the application submitted as well as the report of the presentations and recommends the entry or otherwise.

4. At the annual meeting, member representatives agree to membership with 2/3rd majority.